A.S.I. designs and manufactures insulated products with the ability to sustain temperatures up to 2500°F. Fabricating with various high temperature materials ranging from fiberglass and Kevlar to high purity ceramic fibers offered in heat treated and non-heat treated loom stages. Options such as PTFE, Silicone, Aluminized, and Vermiculite coatings, impregnations, and laminations are available to meet your specific requirements.

At ASI, we pride ourselves on our creativity and knowledge of various industrial processes to meet your needs. Our role is to provide the best possible solutions for your specific application. Custom design and fabrication are our specialty, our team of experts factor in all parameters throughout the manufacturing process.

ASI fabricates various types of gaskets that can handle extreme operating conditions. Adhesive backing is available for ease of installation. Insulated and non-insulated gaskets sustain temperatures up to 2500°F.

  • Tadpole
  • Full Face
  • Door
  • Fiberglass
  • Die Cut
Removable/reusable jackets intended to seal the area from the ferrule to the pipe. Design allows the pipe’s multidirectional movements, without inhibiting the pipe or damaging the jacket. Each application is custom fabricated for accurate fit.

  • Gang Seals
  • Cone
  • Bellows
  • Pancakes
Expansion Joints are flexible seals fabricated to bridge the gap between two or more pipes or duct work. Made to fit cylindrical, rectangle and square pipes or duct work allowing necessary movement while containing the flow of contents. Available in metallic, non-metallic, insulated or non-insulated. Assembled in the final shape for slip on install or left open and ready to wrap.

Removable/Reusable Jacket seals range from straight pipe wraps to valve covers and many various applications between. Jackets are intended to cover and seal a certain area while insulating and protecting equipment and staff. Design allows easy access for inspection and/or maintenance. Available in numerous styles and materials and are weather and fire resistant.

  • Fireproof Covers
  • Heat Trace Wraps
  • Valve and Pipe Covers
  • Vessel and Drum Covers
  • Turbine Covers
Curtains provide separation from conflicting tasks within working environment. Offers protection to workers and equipment from high temperatures in work area. Made for easy installation. Also used for controlling temperatures in separate zones of furnaces. Variety of materials to choose from.

  • Welding Curtains
  • Zone Divider
  • Heat Shield Curtains
Insulated cover designed for turbo charged motors to increase performance by maintaining temperatures inside the turbo. Covers protect surrounding electrical components from being damaged by heat produced from the turbo.

Stress Relieving Pads are used to slow down the cooling process of heated steel during fabrication. This process helps eliminate stress cracks from rapid cooling. Insulated pads are designed and fabricated for reuse.

Trusted Suppliers

A.S.I., Inc. is a preferred fabricator for 3M Nextel materials.