Attention to safety is everyone's job responsibility in all aspects of our endeavors:




 Final Use


     Established in 1991, Adrian Scott Industries, Inc. is responsible for providing outstanding custom fire and freeze protection all over the world.

    A.S.I. works closely with some of the industry leading textile manufacturers and distributors. Through these relationships, A.S.I. is capable of designing and fabricating custom products to meet most hazardous and harsh environments. With over 24 years of experience in fabricating products for the chemical, refinery, steel, aerospace, concrete, rubber, and many other industries, A.S.I. developes methods to meet your specific needs and desires. We are proud of our capabilities and all of our accomplishments in custom application production.​​


We are proud of the fact that we provide industry leading quality fabrication. Consistent quality generates optimal return on investments for our customers. 



Our role, is to provide the best possible solutions for your specific application.  At A.S.I. we feel it is our responsibility to design and fabricate products to achieve your goal. 

     A.S.I fabricates items made from a number of high temperature materials ranging from fiberglass and Kevlar up to high purity ceramic fibers. Materials are offered in heat treated and non-heat treated loom stages, and with various coatings, impregnations, and laminations to meet your custom and stringent applications.  Along with these special materials we understand that your part is only as strong as its weakest stitch.  So we take pride in being able to sew with some of the most rare, strongest, and highest  temperature sewing threads.

     A.S.I is one of few recognized distributors and fabricators of 3M Nextel materials. With these materials we fabricate covers, pads, and seals to meet temperature requirements exceeding 2400 degrees F.



     Andrew Scott, President, understands our business is closely partnered with our customers. Andrew has a policy of knowing and understanding the customer's operation. This forms the path to pro-active customer service through development and cost savings.  With more than a decade of experience, much of it in the field, Andrew has built a library of tools and design applications unique to A.S.I. When working with A.S.I. you can be assured that Andrew has the lead on your custom installation.

 The Difference

Commitment to fabricating with superior quality products and prompt delivery are the foundation of A.S. I. integrity. We work with you in mind.